Meet Our Golf Instructor

Chris Carroll is the Director of Instruction at Hideaway Golf Range. Prior to joining us Chris has spent the past two years at Rothland Golf Course in Akron, NY as the Head Golf Professional. During his stay Chris opened The Chris Carroll Golf Academy. He specializes in private golf lessons and junior golf camps. 

Chris is a Level Three Masters USGTF member. Chris also attended the Golf Academy of Orlando in 2012. While in Orlando Chris turned pro and won numerous pro events all across the country.

Chris uses digital video analysis during his private lessons with his students. Chris will work with you on every aspect of your swing to improve both you’re power and accuracy. As students’ progress through their training Chris instructs his students how to understand ball flight laws and how it personally affects their game. Each student will learn how to practice correctly in hopes to one day becomes their own best instructor.

Chris is dedicated to help growing the game of golf to the best of his ability, while helping them play their best.


Please contact Chris about Golf Lesson

(716) 771-6887






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